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A Study of Bows and Arrows by Saxton T. Pope PDF

By Saxton T. Pope

ISBN-10: 028266405X

ISBN-13: 9780282664053

ISBN-10: 1258097761

ISBN-13: 9781258097769

a competition of energy among peoples will regularly curiosity humans; competition within the palms and implements of battle is without doubt one of the fascinations of nationwide festival. it really is as a result an issue of curiosity either to the anthropologist and the sensible archer to understand what's the real casting caliber and power of the simplest specimens of bows of other aboriginal tribes and international locations of the area. And, as extra incentive to this research, is the swift disappearance of archery as civilization advances.

In the next experiments a close attempt of the taking pictures caliber of a sequence of bows used to be undertaken, and with it sure correlated experiments about the penetration of arrows. every one of these bows have been chosen from hundreds and hundreds in ownership of the Museum of Anthropology of the collage of California. they're the easiest preserved and most powerful specimens in that giant assortment. In no example is it obvious that age has resulted in deterioration of their energy. actually, the best glossy flight shot—four hundred and fifty-nine yards—has lately been made through Ingo Simon at l. a. Tourque, France, with a Turkish composite bow pronounced to be approximately 2 hundred years previous. Age raises the brittleness, resiliency, and casting strength of a wood bow as much as the purpose the place fragility renders it hazardous to shoot. In all our checks we broke basically bows: a specimen from the Yukon, and an Osage Indian bow. To insure that no own component to muscular weak spot entered into the matter of the casting energy of those guns I had them shot by way of an outdated and skilled archer, Mr. W. J. Compton, crucial guy and one conversant in shoot the bow for greater than thirty years. I additionally was once in a position to draw the most powerful of those bows, and myself checked up the results.

This illustrated vintage is geared up as follows:


Preliminary Considerations
Flight Shooting

Bows mainly From the collage of California
Jessop Bows
Bows From the yank Museum of normal History
Tartar Bows
Japanese Bows
Negrito Bow
Polynesian Bow
Replicas of old Bows
An test on Bow Strings
Experimental facts on Bow Wood

Penetration of Arrows
Velocity of Arrows
Striking strength of Arrows
Characteristic positive aspects of Arrows
Experiments in tension of Arrows
Arrow Feathers
Experiment in Arrow Rotation
Different Arrowheads and Their Penetration
Comparative Penetration of metal and Obsidian Heads
Penetration of the Bodkin Point
Penetration of looking Arrows
The Flight of Aboriginal Arrows
Comparison of Arrows
Comparison of Arrows and Bullets


Plate forty five. An outdated portray of St. Sebastian
Plate forty six. Bows utilized in the Tests
Plate forty seven. Bows utilized in the Tests
Plate forty eight. Bows and Arrows From the Jessop Collection
Plate forty nine. American Museum of typical historical past Bows
Plate 50. Tartar Bows
Plate fifty one. eastern Archer and Bow
Plate fifty two. Negrito, Cliff-Dweller, and Wintun Bows and Arrows
Plate fifty three. Replicas of Turkish Composite and English Bows
Plate fifty four. Arrows utilized in Tests
Plate fifty five. Aboriginal Arrows within the college Museum of Anthropology
Plate fifty six. numerous Arrows
Plate fifty seven. Arrow Heads utilized in Penetration Tests
Plate fifty eight. old Syrian Arrowheads
Plate fifty nine. Arrows Penetrating a Fir Board
Plate 60. cranium Pierced during the Orbit by way of an Arrow
Plate sixty one. Arrow Shot via a Coat of Mail
Plate sixty two. Penetration of Arrows
Plate sixty three. Penetration of Arrows
Plate sixty four. Penetration of Obsidian in Bone

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